January 4

This photo was taken last night, Logan’s last day as a 7-year-old. Getting older must be stressful because he was up until 4 am this morning! He did say he got to take a nap at Grammy’s house today at least.  He needed the rest because we went to play laser tag as soon as I could get off work!

Matt joined the boys and I at Laser Quest and started off the first of the three games with a big win and showed us how it was done. Logan and Connor liked having their Uncle join us and followed his lead until Logan went rogue in the last game and shot at us and ran away.

After laser tag, the boys and I went to Sweet Tomatoes at Logan’s choosing. We were too full for birthday cake after so we decided we’d save that for tomorrow when Jeremy is off work. Logan got to open his gifts from us when he got home and he got the gift he was really hoping to get for Christmas.  Here’s the real photo for today of him opening his DS.

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