January 16

Connor is kissing his “baby.”

There’s a legend behind the “baby.”  As I know it, my brother won it in a poker tournament in college and tormented my mom by placing it in random places throughout her house.  When he moved out my mom sent the Indian off with him.  However, it keeps returning as a Christmas gift.  Rules have been attached to the gifting of the statue since–it cannot be gifted to the same person who gifted it to the current holder, it must be displayed in a place of honor for the next year until it is re-gifted, along with a few other provisions.  Basically, my mom keeps ending up with the Indian because she wants it the least.

This Christmas it returned again to my mom, but Connor fell in love and started calling it his baby.  This afternoon he was over at my mom’s and he’s still in love with it.

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