January 13

Here’s my little trooper.  Connor has been running a fever since Friday night, so I took him in to the pediatrician this afternoon and it appears he has pneumonia.  Since the appointment ended right when Logan was going to get off the bus from preschool to go back to daycare, we picked him up to go pick up the medicine with us.

Connor hasn’t had much to eat or drink in the last 24 hours, or slept much for that matter.  So when we went to Target to pick up his prescription I told him he could have anything he wanted.  He chose a Hi-C juice box and a pretzel from the snack bar.  He ate a bit of the pretzel and drank half the juice box when it came back up while we were waiting for the pharmacy to find another Target that had the medication on the shelf so they could send us there.  My text with Jeremy pretty much sums it up:

We got sent to the Target at Desert Ridge where we successfully obtained Connor’s medicine and headed home.  Logan fell asleep on the ride.  Foreshadowing?  Yes.  Now Logan is running a fever too.  Lucky for me, tomorrow is Jeremy’s turn.  Good luck, hun!

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