January 11

Caleb has great freckles too and he let me take a picture of his.

Today Caleb was staying at my mom’s house and was bored so he came over to play with Logan and Connor.  (Mostly Logan because Connor hasn’t been feeling well.)  The boys played in the backyard while I finally took down all of the Christmas Lights and packed them away (the birthday party and associated prep took up last weekend!).  Then Caleb and Logan and I walked to the playground at the park.  There were two other boys about their ages there and they played together and kicked around a soccer ball.

When the boys were thirsty and the drinking fountain wasn’t cutting it, we headed home where they played in the backyard and then ate some early dinner together and played again before Caleb returned to Grammy’s house.  With all the outside time, I’m sure there will be more of those cute freckles popping up!

And here’s a bonus photograph of the three of them playing in the teepee in the backyard:

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