August 2

Today was the Home Depot Kids Workshop.  We got there a bit after 9 this time so we had to wait for hammers.  Jeremy and Logan took the opportunity to paint Logan’s pieces before assembly.  Connor and I studied the directions and got ready.  I didn’t think the pieces would ever dry for his style of painting to put it together otherwise!
We didn’t have to wait long to get hammers for both kids so it worked out that I could start a nail for Connor with one hammer and then he could finish it with the other.  He did very well hammering today!
Jeremy and Logan worked together and Logan did most of the work himself.  Their desire for perfection fits together well on the projects.
Here are more photos from today.  The boys were a hit with their Toothless hats.
Connor was talking to one of the organizers about this painting techniques.
Jeremy and Logan were finishing up Logan’s project with perfect sticker placement.  Logan got to practice his supervisory skills on this one.
Connor came over to join them.
Inspecting the final product.

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