August 11

Today was Logan’s first day of kindergarten.  We made a bulletin board to take his picture with.  Here’s a close up with him giving me a crazy face:

He wrote his name and we put it on there.  If we stick with it, we can see it change through the years.  He also drew a picture.  Right now, he says his best friends are “Connor, Caleb, & Derek.”  (At first it was going to be just Connor and Caleb, but Derek had just agreed to “babysit” him for a one mile fun run, so he got promoted too.)  As of today, he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

And here’s the full ensemble.

Connor didn’t want to be left out when we were making the board yesterday, so he did it too.  He started in a new room at daycare today, so his board says “first day in Room 10.”  His signature and art are just scribbles right now, but it should be fun to see that change.  His best friend is “my Logan” and when he grows up he wants to be “Connor Edwards.”  Something tells me he’s got a good chance at success.

We took one outside, which I messed up the shot, but he’s cute, so here it is anyway:

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