April 5

Meet Max, the newest addition to our family.  Logan and Jeremy have been dying for a dog for awhile and Connor really likes them too, so we have just been visiting dogs up for adoption. The only thing is that Logan and Connor are a little afraid of dogs.  Logan has eased up around them in the past when around them regularly, so we know it’s something he can get past.

Today we went to the Arizona Humane Society Petique store front at Norterra.  We all really gravitated toward this guy and we ended up taking him home with us after spending time with him in one of the meeting rooms and going for a walk.  I’ve been against getting a pet because I didn’t want the responsibility, but this guy changed my mind.  He’s a cool dog. Connor was still hesitant but Logan gave him a hug and really wanted to “buy” him.  He is nice and calm when indoors and on the leash and he really lets loose when he’s outside and off-leash.  The boys are a little intimidated right now when he’s that playful, but are slowly adjusting.

After we got Max home, Logan and I walked him over to my mom’s to introduce him and Max was very good.  After Connor finished his nap we all went for a hike at Deem Hills and everyone, especially Max, seemed to enjoy it.

We have some more adjusting to do, but I think this will work out for us.

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